Support for New Clinical Ethics Services

UKCEN can help to support the establishment of a new clinical ethics service. The advice and support we can offer includes:

  • Guidance on key aspects. This site includes guidance on a range of relevant aspects, including membership, core competencies, and processes. You can read more about these aspects elsewhere in Guidance for Clinical Ethics Services. Further information, including templates you can download, is available in Clinical Ethics Resources, which includes a Downloads section.
  • Contact with existing services. UKCEN can put you in contact with more established services, including those in your region. Please consult About Clinical Ethics Services and contact the Network if you would like to learn more.
  • Contact with academic ethicists. Members of clinical ethics services will typically come from within the host organisation. However, UKCEN can help put you in contact with academics (such as those working in healthcare ethics and law), who might be willing to support (or join) the service. Please contact the Network if you would like to learn more.
  • Training. The UKCEN website offers various Clinical Ethics Resources, which can help services and their members to gain the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies. Those pages also contain information about training workshops and other events, including the Network’s own annual training workshop and conference.

We partner with the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME), an organisation which is dedicated to improving education and debate in medical ethics. Visit the IME website