Comprehensive Practical Guides

UKCEN has issued guidance covering the creation, composition and running of a clinical ethics service:

Practical Guide

A Practical Guide for Clinical Ethics Support was published by the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford in 2004 (© Ethox Centre). You can download the Practical Guide here and from Downloads.

The guide provides advice for developing Clinical Ethics Committees. Sections include a description of the development of clinical ethics support in the UK, issues to consider when developing a committee, and an introduction to ethical frameworks for decision-making.

Although the core information should prove helpful, please note that some sections have since been superseded (for example, by subsequent legal developments). You can find more up-to-date information elsewhere on this site, including in these pages and in Clinical Ethics Resources

Quick Guide

In addition to the full Practical Guide, in 2020, UKCEN prepared a Quick Guide to Setting up a Clinical Ethics Committee of Advisory Group During Covid-19. You can download the Quick Guide here and from Downloads.

The quick guide summarises and briefly updates some of the key topics covered in the full practical guide. You can find further information about the key topics covered elsewhere in these pages

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